The key to success in any endeavor is having a 'SYSTEM'.

All highly successful companies and individuals have processes and systems. By implementing and following a ‘system’ it will ensure success is realized. Some of the most obvious examples are franchises like McDonalds and Tim Hortons, and their success without a doubt is due to a simple, easy to teach, duplicatable, and highly effective system, that literally anybody can follow if it is kept simple.

"Systems and processes are critical, and once you develop or tap into one your odds of success go up exponentially. Of course no matter what system or process that’s in place, you must do the work, because without action nothing happens and your path to success will come to a grinding halt." -Michael W. Harnett​

We all have gifts, special talents, unique abilities, and much to offer this world. Sometime you must dig deep to realize and understand your purpose, but it's so worth it... so keep searching my friend.

"Find your gift in life. Share that gift with others. And live your life with meaning, intention, significance and purpose. Then go out and make a difference in the lives of others every signle day!" –Michael W. Harnett

Much love. Much kindness. Much respect.

Here's to YOUR success!!!


Words of Wisdom Designed to Engage, Excite and Empower

Leadership is about supporting your people, guiding them, caring for them, caring about them, and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. If you lead from the heart and are a servant-first leader, greatness will happen for you and those you lead.

"Have a big heart. Go out and lead from the heart. And make a big difference in the hearts of many others." -Michael W. Harnett

​​An effective teacher, coach, or mentor can inspire you to achieve greatness. Don't ever hesitate to continue your educational journey of personal growth and development. Growing, learning and evolving is a life long journey that will allow you to realize your goals and dreams. Go out and be great today!

“Keep learning. Keep growing. And keep evolving. You owe it to yourself to be the very best you can possibly be!” -Michael W. Harnett


It's a good place to be, being uncomfortable in your comfort zone, because that means you want to reach beyond it, which is a key motivator for growth so you can realize your unlimited potential. Whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable in your comfort zone, the only way to become the person you are truly capable of being is to step out of your comfort zone, expand it, and only then you can realize greater achievements.

"Get out of your comfort zone and amazing things will begin to happen. And when this occurs you will find a life so fulfilling you will wonder why it took you so long to take that leap of faith." -Michael W. Harnett

​​Those who endure the difficult times and challenges in life, and never ever give up, are those that enjoy the greatest success, and ultimately a lifestyle that they always dreamed about. Quitters never win, and winners never quite... so keep on keeping on and you will reach the finish line.

"Always strive for greatness. Never accept mediocrity. And forever focus on your dreams!" -Michael W. Harnett​



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You cannot reach your full potential or capacity in life if you do it alone. By teaming up, collaborating, and working with others, especially those better or more knowledgeable, you can achieve so much more success in life.

"Surround yourself with those more successful and experienced than you, and you will raise your leadership lid, raise your potential, and ultimately raise your leadership skills so you can reach your full potential." -Michael W. Harnett