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MindShift 180° is a refreshing, insightful and powerful new way of thinking. By freeing your mind from society’s conditioning, you will improve your life on many levels. You will realize much more happiness, increased peace and tranquility, improved connections, stronger relationships, and greater levels of success both personally and professionally, thus profoundly enhancing every single aspect of your life.

The initial duration of the program is a total of 8 hours, and can be delivered on a one-one-one basis, or facilitated in a group Mastermind session. We can facilitate these sessions in increments totaling up to 8 hours, with a 1 hour minimum per session.

These sessions can be facilitated virtually through the Internet using Zoom, Skype, phone, conference calling applications, and can be done either by voice or video sessions. We recommend Zoom (, as it is a free quality online tool for you to use, and it has functionality that is beneficial to the development process for both parties.

This personal growth and mindset development program has a value of $999.00 and is an introduction to MindShift 180°. After the initial 8-hour session(s) are complete your journey can continue, as MindShift 180° is designed to be an ongoing accountability and personal development program that is available to you until you are 180% confident that you have reached a MindShift 180°.

Oh, and one last point; I've been asked why 180° rather than a 360° MindShift. The answer is simple the way I see it... If we take you 360° then you have gone full circle and are back where we started, and we need to shift your thinking with your thought process being opposite to what it is today, and that requires a 180° shift in the way you currently think, therefore I call this MindShift 180°.

Please click on the image above to go to our Contact Form and submit a request to sign up for MindShift 180° or to set up a call to discuss your options in more detail. Our goal is to add value to you every step of the way!

LookING forward to hearing from you, and serving a better version of you.

Much love. Much kindness. Much appreciation. Much respect.
Here's to YOUR health, happiness & tremendous success!!!

Michael W. Harnett | Mind Growth Matters

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The 'Donate to Educate' program is designed to help local community charities with their fundraising efforts, while providing the donor with tremendous value for their financial support of a cause they are passionate about.

There have been similar fundraising models to our concept that have proven very successful in supporting other charitable organizations, such as the YMCA. We've just added more depth and a unique twist we to our concept, by taking it to the next level.

We are in the process of building relationships with community charitable organizations in Ontario to bring this concept to the market, enhancing the ability for charities to secure new donor dollars. What we've learned is that people love to get value for their financial contributions, and what better what to accomplish that than to offer world-class mindset, personal growth and leadership development programs in return for a donation to one of our charitable partners.

The 'Donate to Educate' program offers various workshops and seminars to donors on a wide range of topics and development areas. Each charitable organization will set the parameters as to what they offer donors, based on the amount of their contribution. These offerings can be quite flexible, and can be customized to meet each charity's needs. For instance (for example purpose only);

A charitable organization might offer 5 FREE tickets to one of our programs for a $1,000 donation, and 2 FREE tickets for a $500 donation (FYI - our 1/2 day workshops start at $199.00/ticket retail). Again, this can be fully customized based on the specific needs of the charitable organization's, and the needs of their donors. The bottom line, the donor will receive FREE passes to top quality educational programs in return for their generous donations... A huge win for both parties.

If you are a charitable organization looking for new ways to secure donor dollars, please click on the image above to go directly to our Contact Form and submit a request to discuss your this opportunity in more detail. Our goal is to add value to you every step of the way!

Looking forward to serving you and your community!

Much love. Much kindness. Much appreciation. Much respect.
Here's to YOUR health, happiness & tremendous success!!!

Michael W. Harnett | Mind Growth Matters
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